Dreamer, I think there's something more.

And I think you feel it, too, because I'm having this conversation more and more often lately. And I think that may be how we found each other in this very tiny corner of the internet.

In the past year I've struggled through this question and this blog is a way for me to try to answer it. And ironically, if you've grown up in church like me, I think sometimes maybe we miss the question completely. The whole thing can become routine and we begin to see God only in light of our cultural context. We put Him in a box and then miss Him altogether and I think that's why so many of us are walking away from His Church at such alarming rates. But if we honestly wrestle with this question, we have a game-changer here.

Will you join me in wrestling through this? This beautiful thing that I believe you and I were created for.

"If Jesus is real, then what am I doing with this one wild life?"

I love the local Church, and I love her people. I'm for them as they are for Him. And together we are God's Plan A for redemption in this world. Jesus believed in this thing so much we are referred to as His bride, as dysfunctional as we can be.

When we look around and see the poor, the abused, the lonely, the down and out, down-trodden, and depressed, we feel the burden to step in because we know that that is precisely why we are here. We are put into our context so that God can use us to redeem the broken among us. And in doing so, He redeems the broken in us. I'm floored by His relentless love, and in this one wild life, I want to learn to love like Jesus loves.

And I'm so glad you are here, because there is no one else I'd rather have this conversation with.

I want to be among the dreamers who know now is the time to love. You and me, we were created for such a time as this. Now is the time to search God's heart to discover what it's breaking for. Now is the time to ask God to break our heart for what breaks His heart. Now is the time to step up, lean in, and ask God to allow us to be part of His redemption in the world. Now is the time to see and love everyone as His creation, not just those who look and sound and smell like we do. Now is the time to relentlessly wage peace, to break the bread and drink the wine and come to His table and let Him fill those broken parts. Now is the time to love.

The years of us living under our shame are over. As women in the church, we held conferences and read books and sang songs and spoke about how we didn't feel worthy enough and we reassured each other through it, and yes, the healing was beautiful. And now we are ready to live beyond it. Will you join me in holding fast to the promises of God? He promised that we are enough and that it's best if we come as we are. So let's do just that. His power is best shown through our weakness, so honestly, just come as you are, and I will too. His blood made it so we are good enough to take our seat at His table. Let's sit, lean in, and then allow Him to use us to redeem this wild and beautiful and very broken place.

This is the most sacred work, and I want to be a restorer with you.

Photo Credit: Eastlyn Bright

Photo Credit: Eastlyn Bright