Friends, I'm glad you're here. It can get noisy out there so I hope to provide a place that feels like rest. 

I'm for you and I get the struggle. If you've ever gotten lost in the day to day and you can't see your way out, I feel you. Honestly, I think it's many of us. Small town or big town. The truth is, as Donald Miller puts it, that my driveway is connected to yours, maybe by a few streets or maybe by a few interstates, but we are connected and that is beautiful. We are each other's keeper.

I'm for communion over communication. I'm for breaking the rigid mould of traditional religion and for making every day purposeful and powerful.   

You are God's very good idea.

I'm for Jesus and I know that Jesus is for you. After God created the world and everything in it, He knew you were missing from it, so He dreamed you up and created you close. And I bet He pat Himself on the back before He got on to more dreaming and creating. Maybe He created a few more things after you, but kept peeking over at you to admire His precious creation.

The heavens rejoiced on the day you were born, and that is the truth.

He created you to have life abundantly. Not an abundant schedule, or abundant stuff, or abundant money or youth or fame or balance or cleanliness or organization or even achievements. He wants you to have abundant life in Him because that's when you are your best self. What He has for you is eternal and beautiful.